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I literally have the best clients a Trainer could ask for! Some of these clients I met through personal training, others through a Beachbody product, no matter how we met, they have all made me love what I do EVEN MORE! 


Jennifer Freeman

 Beachbody Customer  2014

"Before I met Annora I was training for 2-4 hours a day and getting average results and pushing my body to the point of exhaustion. Once she introduced me to beach body and shakeology my whole viewpoint on working out changed! I realized I could do a 30 minute to an hour workout and achieve better results with the right workout. And also shakeology changed my eating habits for the better! It cut my craving down and when i drink shakeology I always eat healthier throughout the whole day! Annora changed the way I look at fitness and she is always making me think more about what I eat and giving me great ideas to add to my diet!"

John Stokes 

 Personal Training Client 2013- 2014

"Annora is an highly skilled fitness trainer.  She really knows what she is doing and has the patience of a saint." 

Kayleen Ohneck 

 Personal Training Client 2013- 2014

"I have not been able to find another trainer that invests so much into their clients. Annora has the ability to design crazy intense, but completely awesome workouts around my strengths/weaknesses and recommends delicious recipes that are feasible for a mediocre chef like myself. It's not easy to find someone that makes a healthy lifestyle achievable and can make sweating like a pig fun and rewarding."

Kelly Wagner

Personal Training Client 2013- 2014

Challenge Group Participant

"Annora was great! She helped me get into better shape and learn to love exercise! Through her support, I've been able to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and I've lost more than 17 inches" 

Fran Simon

 Personal Training Client 2013- 2014

"Annora is the best trainer I have worked with. She really knows what she is doing and is also concerned with her clients well being."

Kunj Patel

Personal Training Client 2013- 2014

Challenge Group Participant

"Annora is such as inspiration and a great trainer. I see results within 5 days of her workouts and her group challenges are a great way to set and meet goals for yourself with the support of others."

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